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Terms & conditions / FAQ

Q: Refund/Return policy
Due to the nature of this business, we cannot offer returns or refunds (if the product(s) ordered have been shipped already). Therefore, please make sure to order the right size/color/... and please carefully check your quality check pictures to make sure that everything is right and thus ensure a smooth process.

Q: Custom/Import fees
While we declare the packages in a way to make you pay no customs or import duties, we cannot always guarantee it. We always declare the packages in the most suitable way, but sometimes customs decide to do random checks and check the estimate of the package themselves. If they do so, they might ask you to pay certain import duties, but most likely it's under USD 25. Moreover, often you can reject that by letting customs know that you paid less, and we can aid you with that. Therefore, if you face any custom duties, we ALWAYS recommend that you first contact customs to see why, and maybe you don't need to pay anything

Q: Customs detains/seizing
As mentioned in the insurance policy, in addition to above, we declare the packages in a way to pass customs inspection without any issues. However, sometimes customs randomly check packages, and while the chance that anything happens is maybe 1 out of every 10000 packages, it is still possible. Unless you have the insurance service, we are not responsible if the customs detained your shoes, since this is a random process that we cannot control. It's the risk of buying replicas (If they do open your package AND find out that they're replicas). However, the chance of both of those happening is very low.

Q: Insurance policy
First please read about customs fees and detains.
The insurance policy: While very rare (less than 1%), sometimes unfortunate things could happen to your package while en route, such as being stopped by customs. However, most of such issues can be solved very easily. For example, if your package is stopped by customs, 99.9% all they want is a proof of payment. Therefore, we provide this insurance service to save you a headache. With the insurance service, we help you make sure that you receive your package (such as help you send the proof of payment documents etc). Moreover, if the items are seized by customs (for example) regardless of how much we try, we can ship you the item(s) one more time for free. However, insurance is valid only if all parties cooperate, because if your package is, for example, stopped by customs, but you don’t follow up or try to contact them, the package will be destroyed, and thus we require you to cooperate with us to make sure that we first try to get you your items, which as I previously said works 99.9% of the time. Moreover, insurance is not responsible for customs import fees etc. While we try to make you pay nothing by declaring a suitable amount etc, we cannot always guarantee that you will never pay anything, but it still works most of the time. Even if you have to pay, it will unlikely be over USD25. The insurance is $10/item.

Q: Shipping
We offer free shipping on all our orders. Free shipping takes around 5 to 15 business days. We ship via airplane, and ship via whatever partner is best in your country. For example, in most, if not all, of Europe, we ship using DHL. For the USA, we ship using USPS.
Some countries (US, Canada, etc...) have express shipping which takes less. You will be able to see whether we offer express shipping to your country while checking out.

Q: How long does an order take
We need up to 24 hours to process the order, 1-5 days to send the QC pictures, then once you GL the QC pictures, it takes us 1-2 days to ship.

Q: How to tracking your order
Check this Youtube Video: